The children’s views we have gained for Immingham Day Nursery:

Dressing up is my favourite and playing mummies and daddies.– Aged 3
I enjoy seeing the big ladies at nursery.– Aged 3
 like playing with the toys and I have lots of best friends.– Aged 4
I like to build different coloured boats with the stickle bricks and we put flags on them.– Aged 3
I like to make reindeer food to feed Rudolph.– Aged 3
I ride the bikes really fast in the nursery garden.– Aged 3
Sausages and chicken are my favourite nursery dinner.– Aged 4
I like playing with bikes– Aged 3
I like playing with my friends at nursery.– Aged 4
Blue is my favourite, the blue truck.– Aged 3
Playing. Bricks– Aged 2
Toys. Playing. I like playing with the maths toys.– Aged 3
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