Our meals are prepared by our cook Sally and we work closely with any dietary requirements your child may have.

Lunchtime is an important part of your child’s social development and we encourage them to be social occasions where children are introduced to home cooked, nutritious food and can develop their independence skills.

Food hygiene came on 8th January 2019 and rated us 5 stars


  • We provide breakfast of cereal or toast at 8:00am
  • Mid-morning snack at 10am
  • 2 course lunch at 12pm
  • Mid afternoon snack at 2pm and
  • Light tea at 4pm

All meals have the choice of milk or water.

The children are encouraged to be independent to freely access drinks and to serve their meals making the choices they fancy.

Baby feeding: Whether your baby is fed on formula or breast milk we can work with your established feeding routines.

We ask that you bring your baby’s milk with a sterilised bottles – there is not need to make bottles up beforehand. If you are breast feeding we are happy for you to come into the nursery to continue.

Introducing solids:Your baby may go through the weaning stages whilst attending nursery and we will work alongside your feeding routine.

Lunch time menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Sausage, mash and beans Contains: Sodium suplhite Milk Apple and Sultana Square Spaghetti Bolognaise Cheese & Biscuits With Grapes Contains: Wheat Milk Cottage Pie with veg Contains: Milk Wheat Gluten Soya Sunny Fruit Salad Chicken & savoury rice bake Contains: Wheat Celery Gluten Fairy Cakes Contains: Egg Wheat gluten Fish Pie and peas Contains: Milk fish Yoghurts Contains: Milk
Week 2 Tuna and Tomato Bake with sweetcorn Contains: wheat Jam Sponge Contains: Eggs Wheat Gluten Chicken curry Contains: mustard Rice Pudding Contains: Milk Sausage Casserole and veg Contains: Sodium sulphite Wheat Gluten Soya Banana Custard Contains: Milk May contain: gluten, soya, and wheat Fish Fingers, Waffles and Spaghetti Hoops Contains: Fish Wheat Gluten - Tropical fruit with dip Cowboy Casserole Contains: Milk Wheat Gluten - Yoghurts Contains: Milk
Week 3 Corned Beef Hash Contains: Milk - Angel Delight Contains: Milk May Contain: eggs, wheat, gluten, soya and wheat Chicken Casserole with veg Contains: Wheat Soya Sultana Sponge Contains: Egg Wheat gluten Chilli Con Carne and Rice Homemade chocolate biscuits Contains: Wheat gluten Fish Cake, Mash and Peas Contains: Fish, wheat, milk Yogurts Contains: Milk Pie, Mash and broccoli Contains: Wheat Milk Fresh fruit Salad

Teatime Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Chicken Soup and bread fruit Contains: Milk, wheat, soya Milk/water Pizza Crumpets salad and fruit Biscuit Contains: Milk, wheat, gluten Milk/water Oven chips with Wholemeal bread Salad and fruit Contains: Wheat and soya Milk/water Tuna sandwich salad and fruit Contains: Wheat, soya, Milk/water Cheese and Crackers with salad and fruit Contains: Wheat and milk Milk/water
Week 2 Pizza Salad and Fruit Contains: Milk, wheat and Gluten Milk/water Egg Sandwich, crisps with fresh fruit Contains: Milk, egg, wheat and soya Milk/ water Make their own Pitta bread with ham and salad Fruit Contains: Gluten, wheat and soya Milk/ water Toasted cheesy fingers Salad and fruit Contains: Milk, wheat and soya Milk/water hoops on toast Fruit Contains: Gluten, wheat and soya Milk/water
Week 3 Scrambled egg and toast fruit Contains: Milk, egg, wheat and soya Milk /water Meat & salad wraps with fruit Contains: wheat Milk/water Pancakes with topping, salad & fruit Contains: Milk and wheat Milk/water Assorted sandwiches with salad and fresh fruit Contains: wheat and soya Milk/water Chicken soup Fruit slice Contains: Gluten, wheat, milk and soya Milk/water
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